Jan 19, 2016 · He told me that I can use any load data for flat nose, jacketed or JHP for my 125 Gr. 9mm JHP. That part I understand now. 125 Gr. is 125 Gr. As long as it is the same type of bullet. What I don't understand is COL. He suggested I use the data on their site for the Sierra FMJ- Okay so far- Starting load at 3.0 to 3.6 max
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Free pistol reloading data and free reloading recipes for pistol ammunition. Please check back often as I upload new calibers and update pistol load data on a regular basis. Am I missing something or are you looking for a specific caliber? Contact me and I will upload it. This load data is sourced from prominent sources and seasoned reloaders.
The 5.56 case has thicker walls to handle higher pressures, meaning the interior volume of the case is smaller than that of a .223. This will alter the loading data used when reloading 5.56 brass to .223 specs. Some 5.56 loads have a slightly longer overall length than commercial .223 loads.